NCSU vs. FSU: What a game!

Did you catch that awesome game on Saturday?!? I know, I know…we didn’t win, but our boys played like champions out there against the number one team in the nation! Though it wasn’t a complete flashback to my freshman year, back when I was in FYC, it was still an amazing experience to hear Carter-Finley scream as loud as possible to cheer on the Pack. Even if you don’t enjoy football, such an atmosphere is completely amazing to be around. Thousands of people in red, white, and black all pulling for our school to come out on top in the end; not too many things can top that when thinking back to your college experience. That being said, I know that we don’t have many home games left but I would encourage you to get out there if you can and back the Pack with all your heart. It’s tough to go out there and put your all on the field every Saturday and I’m sure that our guys love it when they have us there to cheer them on! So, learn all the songs and motions, learn the alma mater, and deck yourself out in red and represent the Wolfpack as best as you can for our last couple home games. As always, GO PACK!!!

Blog written byTaylor McCoy

Parent’s & Families Weekend!!

Every year there is a battle, a battle to see who has the naming rights of the infamous Tucker/Owen Beach. This is a head to head battle between the residents of each residence hall. The winner of three of the five events gets the naming rights of the beach. This year the competition events include tug-o-war, cornhole, a canned food drive, overall attendance, and of course a volleyball match. To make this event even better than before, the Tucker/Owen staff, FYC, and the University has joined together to make this an event that family members participate in for Parents & Families Weekend. Family members can compete with their student in the cornhole tournament and the overall attendance category. All the food donated from the event will be given to NC State’s on-campus Feed the Pack Pantry. This event will include food, fun, and music for all. This is also a good time for parents to get to find out more about the first year experience.

After attending the Battle of the Beach make sure you head on over to the Chocolate Festival put on by the NC State Woman’s Center. This event has become one of NC State University’s sweetest traditions. You will get to sample all types of chocolaty deserts in an event that helps support and educates about breast cancer. Proceeds benefit the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and the NC State Women’s Center.

There is a whole list of activities going on this coming weekend that I encourage everyone to attend. NC State’s Parent’s and Families Weekend is always a great time of the year and we hope you can experience it with us.

Below is a link to the Parents & Families weekend home page that has a full layout of what the weekend has in store.

Blog written by Jacob Gardner

NC State has great resources!

With the career fairs coming up, it’s important to get those resumes ready. Something I didn’t take advantage of until recently was the Career Development Center. My resume could hardly have been called that before I took it to be looked over by a career counselor. Being in the Poole College of Management, we have a separate career center within the business school, but the main one on campus is just as great!


When I went, the career coach helped me add things to my resume that I had never even thought about adding. After we met, I finally had an actual resume. Hours of online research couldn’t have done me as good as the short amount of time I spent with her. I even got some part time jobs during the summer after that, which I credit a big part of to going to the Career Development Center. You can schedule an appointment or even drop in. Even if you think your resume is fine how it is, you have nothing to lose by having a professional look over it. It takes no time at all and it’s super helpful – and free! This is one of the many, many free resources we have here at NC State. I encourage students to take advantage of them while still in college, because when graduation rolls around these convenient services won’t be free any longer!


Here is the website with all the information you could possibly need regarding the CDC:


And great job to our football team for winning this weekend. GO PACK!

Blog written by  Anna Etheridge

Welcome Week Review and CSLEPS

Wednesday August 20th, marked a new academic school year for the Wolfpack student body and it has started with a bang. The first week consisted of many welcoming activities that the Wolfpack Welcome Week committee and other student organizations came up with to get our students ready for the college experience. We had our very own Scotty McCreery perform at the end of our 3rd Annual Packapalooza event that took place on Hillsborough Street. After a long first full week of classes the Wolfpack Nation had it’s first football game of the season against Georgia Southern. It wasn’t pretty but we will take the win! The next game is this coming weekend against Old Dominion. But enough about the first week of school and football, let’s talk about some campus resources that can get you involved on campus and in the local community.

The Center for Service, Ethis, and Public Service or better known as CSLEPS is a great campus resource that allows student to get involved on campus and in the surrounding community. CSLEPS provides unique learning opportunities that embody the value of leadership, service, responsible citizenship, and ethics. Some of the things that CSLEPS offer are Leadership Development workshops/series (LDS), Alternative Service Break (ASB), and other service events. The thing that CSLEPS tries to do the most is help students become ethical and effective leaders, engaged citizens, social innovators and activists for what they believe in. CSLEPS is a great opportunity for everyone.

Below I provided a link to the CSLEPS home page and a video link that shows an overview of the CSLEPS organization.

Get Involved with the Pack

How many weeks have we been in school now?  One, two… three?  Eight?  Whether it feels like it’s been a few days or a few months, the semester will be over before you know it!  Luckily, the school year has just began which means we all have time left to get out there and become active in our NC State community.  There are literally countless clubs, organizations, leadership groups, etc. at NC State that are all waiting for someone like YOU to make an impression and join something that’s larger than just yourself!  Intramural sports, Greek life, Student Government; if I continued the list, you’d be reading this blog all day.

As a freshman, I asked several Junior/Senior friends if they had any regrets about college or things that I should do differently to get a better experience.  They admitted that some of their only regrets were not becoming more involved in the community, no matter what that may entail.  This is a regret that you DO NOT want to have when you’re in your last semester of college!  Find a friend and sign up for something to be a part of, or even show up alone and make a whole new group of friends!  Being a part of an organization or club is something that I think everyone should try, at the very least.  With all the diversity here at NC State, everyone fits in; so don’t be afraid to get out there and take a big leap from your comfort zone.  You never know, it may be the best decision you’ll make in your whole college career.