Thanksgiving Break

Greeting from NC State! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break; enjoying family time and eating way too much food. It’s important to think of things that we are thankful for around this time and being a member of the Wolfpack is certainly near the top of my list. Being able to go all the way home to Asheville was a great time and I was even able to see some snow.

And what better to wrap up a break from school than with a Wolfpack win against Carolina (35-7)! The game was almost a shut out, it took the Tar Heels until the last two minutes of the game to score; our defense did a great job! This will be our last blog post of the semester as classes wind down and exams begin we wish everyone good luck. Get some sleep and study hard. As always GO WOLFPACK!

Blog written by Michelle Sorrells

NCSU vs Carolina

Final Exams Approaching

Greetings blog readers!

My name is Peyton Holmquist, and I am so pleased to give everyone an update on the next few weeks on campus.

Wednesday November 26th-Friday November 28th, all students are given a break from school to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. After this break comes to a close, students only have three more class periods before reading days start. It’s crazy how quick the semester has come to a close! Exam schedule has been posted, and people are starting to get ready for the whirlwind of tests.

After reading days finish, the rush of final exams start. This is a crazy time of year, every year. It’s really important for students to be on top of their classes and be ready for the tests. Thanksgiving break is a painfully easy time for students to either be unproductive OR stay motivated and driven towards success on their exams. This is the final stretch of the semester, and the reward of a break is so close!

My tips for studying for final exams are:

  1. Find good places to study
  2. Budget time well
  3. Get good rest
  4. Try your hardest

Finding a good place to study is very important, and I know for me it is best to have multiple locations. Changing venues for studying is great so I do not get too comfortable with one location. During reading days it is especially important to budget time well. With no classes or obligations, this is the perfect time to get ahead on preparation for exams. Another important tip that greatly helps me through exams is getting enough rest. Sleeping is crucial for academic success, so saving time for getting a good night’s sleep is very necessary. Lastly, a tip I have for final exams is for students to try their hardest. After studying as much as you can, the only thing you can put forth is your best effort.

Good luck to my fellow students in the Wolfpack, and Happy Holidays!


My Last Game at Carter Finley

I’m a senior this year and yesterday it finally hit me.  I went to my last game at Carter Finley and got to watch our Wolfpack beat Wake Forest in a 42-13 game.  It was also the Military Appreciation Day game which made it all the more special.  Throughout the game and halftime, we recognized all of the seniors on the football team, band, and ROTC.  One of the best things to see at Carter Finley is the American flag being spread across the field during halftime.  It was a bittersweet moment seeing all of the names of fellow seniors show up on the big screen knowing we would all be leaving our Wolfpack in the spring.  I know there might be some freshman out there thinking this is going to be the longest four years of your life because I was one of them.  The time really has flown by and I didn’t think I would be so nostalgic already.  It’s still the first semester and I am already missing NC State.  So while you’re here, do as much as you can.  Join clubs and participate in everything that’s available to you.  Go to all of the football games and hang out with your friends.  I have had some of the best times at NC State and I know I am going to miss it when I’m gone.  Sorry for being sentimental, but I’m sure you’ll feel the same when it’s your senior year.

Blog written by Sarah Nicholls

Nicks Last Game Pic

Homecoming 2014

If you didn’t know, NC State has a big tradition of having really awesome Homecoming events. Coming up this weekend (November 8, 2014) the Wolfpack is taking on Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for our big home game. But before the game, there’s a big concert on Thursday night! The Student Alumni Association is bringing Big Sean, T-Pain, and Jeremiah to our campus for a big concert. The best part? Tickets were only $10 if students got them before they ran out.
TL Pic5 Homecoming





This is just one exciting event that happens during NC State’s Homecoming week. Additionally, the Pep Rally is on November 9th on Hillsborough Street. Students should be sure not to miss out, because they will be handing out free giveaways and the Wolfpack Spirit is at an all time high.

Peyton HC 2014 2






There’s never a better time to have school spirit than during Homecoming week! Be sure to cheer on the Wolfpack!

Blog written by Peyton Holmquist

NC State Homecoming 2014

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this year’s homecoming! We had a week packed full of fun and exciting events. Wear red, get fed provided free food Monday – Friday for all students wearing red. For desert, a stop by the brickyard would get you Kupcakes 4 Kay! You know the Wolfpack loves their free food! If we weren’t out and about eating our free food, we were getting free T-shirts or participating in a good cause by donating blood. My personal favorite Homecoming event was the PackHowl concert on Thursday. We had T-Pain, Jeremih, and Big Sean give us one of our best concerts yet! Despite the pouring rain, the Wolfpack showed up in great numbers! Lastly, to end our week, we had a football game against Georgia Tech. The outcome may not have been what we desired, but they played a great game! Already looking forward to next year.KB Homecoming 1KB Homecoming 3KB Homecoming 2
Blog written by Kathy Bryan