Public service during spring break!

While I was enjoying the beautiful weather this week in downtown Charleston, SC, I happened to come across a group from our own University Recreation who are using their week off to aid underprivileged youth and recreation education. Although many students choose to relax at home or travel to nearby beaches during Spring Break, a large number of others will embark on what is called an Alternative Service Break (ASB). Past ASB trips have been to Alaska, Ecuador, Belize, and New Orleans. Some are organization-exclusive, such as Trinidad and Tobago with the Goodnight Scholars or a trip to Charleston with University Recreation. Each service trip allows students to engage with people from all over the world in a “Topic” such as Civil Rights, Hunger, Immigration, and Youth Education.  For those who don’t have the time to study abroad for an entire semester, or who would like to make an impact in a community around the world, taking part in an ASB trip is a truly rewarding option.

Find out more about ASB trips here:

Blog written by Will Appleyard


And the Countdown Begins!

One week left of classes until Spring Break ’15! I’m sure all your teachers are probably cramming to get tests and assignments in just before your mid-way semester vacation like mine are. But only a few more days and you are free…for a week! After spring break is the six-week rush before final exams. So relax and take a break while you can!

I am traveling to Mexico to volunteer on a pharmaceutical mission trip. I am super excited! During this trip, I will be working along side doctors and pharmacists in a hospital. I am hoping to get a diverse experience out of this spring break and can’t wait to work in a different cultural setting with the patients. It won’t be all work over in Mexico. We are staying on a resort, so I will be fortunate enough to lie out on their nice beaches!

There are so many places to travel to over spring break! Some people go on cruises to the Bahamas and those that are tired of the cold go down to Florida to get some sun. Students that aren’t tired of the cold go to West Virginia to ski and snowboard for the week! What are you doing for spring break?

Blog written by Sarah Garfinkle


We are almost there, Pack!

Spring Break
We are currently winding down to the end of February and wow has the short month seemed long!  If you don’t like the cold, then you were really in for it these past few weeks.  If you do like the cold, then you must have been on top of the world!  With temperatures getting down to about as low as 2 degrees, it’s no wonder why school was cancelled a few times last week!

As temperatures start heading back to the 40s and 50s, it may not feel like it, but spring break is right around the corner!  Yes, only a few more weeks until we get that week and time to get away or just relax.  Whether you’re going home for the break, traveling to family, going to the beach, going on a cruise, or everything in between, spring break is certainly a time to let go of the stress that can come from school and have a nice worry-free week.

I highly recommend to finish these last few weeks before winter break strong and to get plenty of rest and relaxation in during the break!  You are definitely going to want to come back and hit the books hard after spring break in order to finish the semester strong.  You’ve been working hard for 2 months already, don’t be the one that lets it all go down the drain mid semester!  We have posted this information in our blogs before, but it is essential to being successful! You can reserve rooms at DH Hill or Hunt Library for a more private study-feel with a comfortable environment, or even get your own tutor through the University Tutorial Center!

I hope you all have an easy few weeks until spring break and a great break when it gets here!

Blog written by Justin Sly

SLDC: Another Perspective

Although my friend Sarah already wrote about the SLDC Conference last week, it was such a great experience I figured a second post about it couldn’t hurt!

As Sarah said, it was really fun to be able to be with a few fellow ambassadors for the day and learn more about each other. I think it’s really important to get to know the people within your organization, and this was the perfect opportunity to do that!

I also learned a lot at the conference. One of the speakers, Jeff Archie, spoke about his hardships growing up and how that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. Something that stuck with me from his speech was to not let excuses become barriers for yourself. In the past, that’s something I have done repeatedly so it was great to hear about someone else’s perspective on the matter.

 Another activity we participated in was a networking session where we had to pick a topic out of an envelope and talk about it for 60 seconds straight. To some, that may sound easy, but to others (like myself) it is quite a challenge. It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. It’s widely said that you can never network enough, so I was glad we got the opportunity to practice.

The long drive was a little difficult, but now that it’s been a week and I’ve caught up on sleep, I would say it was well worth the trip. I would highly encourage students and leaders in participating in organizations to go to events such as these. There’s nothing to lose (except maybe a little sleep) and a lot to gain (including free t-shirts)!

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Blog written by Anna Etheridge


Spring is on it’s way!

We’re one month into spring semester and most everyone is ready for another break. While you’re hanging in there until spring break, try signing up for a class at the craft center! What better way to break out of the “middle-of-the-semester” boring routine than to sign up to take a creative crafting class? You can sign up to learn to repair bicycles, make jewelry, mold clay, paint with watercolors, and more! Some of these classes started as soon as February 11th so hurry and sign up by February 22nd!

Another great event that went on last week was the Student Short Film Showcase on Wednesday in Talley! I went to this event last year for Scholars Program and it was actually a lot of fun! Students make their own short films, animated or live, and show them in the Talley Ballroom. Its great to see how talented some of your peers are, and a lot of the films are hilarious too! No matter what your plans are for the week, enjoy the beautiful weather and I hope you had a happy Valentines Day!

Blog written by Samantha Ivey