University Open House was a blast!

What’s up, Wolfpack family?! As I’m sure you noticed, this past weekend we hosted our annual Open House. Do you remember your Open House experience? I surely do! I was so overwhelmed, yet so excited to learn more about NC State. After helping out with yesterday’s event, I can say that there were plenty of prospective students that felt the same way that I did!

Now is a better time than ever to come to NC State! We are continuously growing and improving as a university and accommodating our students with top notch facilities such as Hunt library and the new Talley. I heard so many comments from the visitors about how beautiful and welcoming the campus was for them.

Why am I telling you this? Just to remind you of how great of a school you go to! I know that during the semester it is easy to take what you have for granted but I spoke to plenty of students who would love to be here next year, some of whom will. So remember, throughout all of the chaos that accompanies the college experience, be proud that you go to an amazing university! As always, GO PACK!

Blog written by Taylor McCoy

The State Fair

It’s mid-October in North Carolina, and this year’s State Fair has officially opened as of Thursday the 16th. This annual fall event serves as an entertaining and educational event for NC residents and visitors of all ages. While many enjoy the roller coasters and tilt-a-whirls, others can appreciate the agriculture, art, livestock, and music showcased in various locations on the State Fairgrounds. In recent years, this record-breaking event has surpassed one million visitors in only ten days!

Every year, it is both fascinating and bizarre to see what kind of new deep-fried food vendors will offer during the Fair. While delicacies such as fried Girl Scout cookies and fried Snickers have been fan favorites for several years, 2014 brings some new options that you wouldn’t believe. Some of the best include deep fried key lime pie, fried pork barbeque, and a twist on a classic New Orleans dessert described in the News & Observer as “deep-fried, batter-dipped bananas served with vanilla ice cream and a sauce made with brown sugar, butter, orange juice, and topped with a cherry.” (Read more here:

Other yearly traditions include pig racing, art shows, Christmas ornament displays, contests for the largest pumpkin, and nightly fireworks. There is so much to see and do at the Fair every year, and you certainly can’t do everything in just one visit! Whether you are just in town to visit NC State, or you are a new student and you want to immerse yourself in the culture of North Carolina, the Fair is a classic tradition that presents the full spectrum of what it means to live down South.

See the links below for more information! The Fair will be up and running until it departs next Sunday, October 26. Enjoy your visit, and Go Pack!

Blog written by Will Appleyard

Fall Break is 2 days away!!

Its that time of year again! The weather is getting colder, the riding boots are coming out, and in just a few days Fall Break starts! For me, the first two months of college always fly by and its hard to believe that its fall already! Last year, I had mixed feelings about Fall Break. It was nice to be able to get away from schoolwork and be able to relax for a few days (unless your professor assigns you homework over break like mine did), but for the most part it’s a time to de-stress and catch up on sleep and spend time with your family. Unfortunately, that also means leaving most of the great friends you made in the past several weeks.

I know when I went home for fall break I was a little lost because my friends that had lived next to me for the past 8 weeks were now hours away in their own hometowns. At the same time, I went from enjoying the freedom of college to having a curfew again! No matter what your situation over break is, whether you’re visiting friends or working the whole time, you should try and make the most of it! Catching up on sleep is a must! If you’ve been pulling all-nighters studying for tests, staying late in the library to finish papers, or just staying up late with your friends then you know the true sleep deprivation that frequently accompanies college life. Fall break can be a great way to rest up and recuperate without all the stress of homework or the temptations of staying up until 3am eating cookie dough with your suitemates. Another great thing you can do to help make the most of Fall Break is meet up with your friends from home! It’s so great to see how all of your friends are doing at their respective colleges and share stories. Lastly, spend time with your family that has probably missed you like crazy the last two months! Your parents will be thrilled to have you home for dinner again and you’ll enjoy the quality time too!

No matter how you spend your Fall Break, the best part of the vacation is coming back to school! While no one wants to start studying for midterms after break, it’s great seeing your college friends again and being back on campus!

Blog written by Samantha Ivey

NCSU vs. FSU: What a game!

Did you catch that awesome game on Saturday?!? I know, I know…we didn’t win, but our boys played like champions out there against the number one team in the nation! Though it wasn’t a complete flashback to my freshman year, back when I was in FYC, it was still an amazing experience to hear Carter-Finley scream as loud as possible to cheer on the Pack. Even if you don’t enjoy football, such an atmosphere is completely amazing to be around. Thousands of people in red, white, and black all pulling for our school to come out on top in the end; not too many things can top that when thinking back to your college experience. That being said, I know that we don’t have many home games left but I would encourage you to get out there if you can and back the Pack with all your heart. It’s tough to go out there and put your all on the field every Saturday and I’m sure that our guys love it when they have us there to cheer them on! So, learn all the songs and motions, learn the alma mater, and deck yourself out in red and represent the Wolfpack as best as you can for our last couple home games. As always, GO PACK!!!

Blog written byTaylor McCoy

Parent’s & Families Weekend!!

Every year there is a battle, a battle to see who has the naming rights of the infamous Tucker/Owen Beach. This is a head to head battle between the residents of each residence hall. The winner of three of the five events gets the naming rights of the beach. This year the competition events include tug-o-war, cornhole, a canned food drive, overall attendance, and of course a volleyball match. To make this event even better than before, the Tucker/Owen staff, FYC, and the University has joined together to make this an event that family members participate in for Parents & Families Weekend. Family members can compete with their student in the cornhole tournament and the overall attendance category. All the food donated from the event will be given to NC State’s on-campus Feed the Pack Pantry. This event will include food, fun, and music for all. This is also a good time for parents to get to find out more about the first year experience.

After attending the Battle of the Beach make sure you head on over to the Chocolate Festival put on by the NC State Woman’s Center. This event has become one of NC State University’s sweetest traditions. You will get to sample all types of chocolaty deserts in an event that helps support and educates about breast cancer. Proceeds benefit the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and the NC State Women’s Center.

There is a whole list of activities going on this coming weekend that I encourage everyone to attend. NC State’s Parent’s and Families Weekend is always a great time of the year and we hope you can experience it with us.

Below is a link to the Parents & Families weekend home page that has a full layout of what the weekend has in store.

Blog written by Jacob Gardner