North Carolina Literary Festival

On April 5, 2014 I was able to participate in the North Carolina Literary Festival, hosted by North Carolina State University. This event was exceptionally special this year because the festival only comes to NCSU every 10 years – and this year I was able to participate through the College of Education!

Through one of my classes, we interviewed children and some adults at the Festival about why they love to read. Answers varied and surprised me because listening to 9 year olds discuss their love for books is an amazing experience. The participants answered multiple questions including their favorite book, favorite author, how reading has affected their lives and how their love of reading has changed throughout their lives.

Listening to people discuss what books they love and why has truly motivated me to read more and inspire me for my future as an educator. It is amazing how much reading can influence someone’s life and it was truly an amazing experience to listen and assist with this interview process. Listening to R.L. Stine joke about his Goosebumps series was enjoyable and filled with laughter, but having two children discuss why they love the Goosebumps series was far superior.

Written by Katelin Dunning

If you would like to learn more about the North Carolina Literary Festival, please visit this website:

Literary Festival

NCSU Career Fairs

Just recently, NC State hosted their career fairs on campus for students to check out prospective companies that they would be interested in interning, completing a co-op, or eventually working full-time for.  NC State offers a wide range of career fairs for different majors, including: Engineering, Textiles, Poole College of Management, and the College of Agriculture and Life Science. The career fairs are held both fall and spring semesters, giving students a couple of opportunities to find the companies that interest them most. At the fair, students can speak with hiring managers and employees about the company, the positions they are hiring for, and to get any questions they may have answered.  Students always make sure to come prepared with multiple copies of their résumés! Attending the career fair is a great way to network, find potential job opportunities, and build the confidence you need to succeed in the real world!

Blog written by Allison Sigmon

Pan Afrikan 2014


Pan Afrikan Week 2014 is here! This culture rich week is full of tradition with events held by various African American student organizations on campus. It serves as an opportunity for students to showcase and take pride in their African heritage. Cultural aspects of food, dance, music, art, and service are highlighted at different programs throughout the week. I encourage students of all backgrounds to attend at least one program during the week, because an opportunity to support diversity and broaden our knowledge about others should always be taken!

Pan-Afrikan Week schedule:

Saturday 3/29

Pan Afrikan Kickoff – 1PM HarrisFieldPan Afrikan 2014
African Student Union’s Africa Night - 7PM Talley Ballroom

Sunday 3/30
Soulfood Sunday – 12PM Witherspoon Sankofa Room
Uninhibited Praise Gospel Choir Concert – 4PM Talley Ballroom

Monday 3/31
Pan Afrikan on the Brickyard – 12PM Brickyard
Mr. and Mrs. Pan Afrikan Pageant –   7PM Talley Ballroom

Tuesday 4/1
African American Textile Society Fashion Expose – 7PM Talley Ballroom

Wednesday 4/2
Dance Visions Spring Dance Concert – 7PM Talley Ballroom

Thursday 4/3
Society of African American Culture Event – 7PM Talley Ballroom

Friday 4/4
Pan Afrikan Concert – 7:15PM Talley Ballroom

Saturday 4/5
Reach Out and Touch Carnival – 11AM Harris Field
National Pan-Hellenic Council Step Show – 7PM Talley Ballroom

Blog written by Taylor Looper

Spring Break is out the way, we’re more than half way through the semester, and your Facebook is probably flooded with newly admitted high school seniors. With that being said, I encourage you to not forget about where you come from. First Year College, that is!
There are plenty of ways to stay involved with the program after you transfer to another college within the university. I’m sure your advisor would be appreciative of any form of communication you maintain, be it email, hand written notes, or even dropping by just to say hello. The FYC Ambassador program is also a great way to give back to the First Year College. We work with prospective students and their families to acquaint them with the services our program provides. It’s a great way to build interpersonal skills and professionalism. Soon, we will begin recruiting and I hope I have encouraged some of you to consider such a position.

Enjoy the rest of the year and as always, GO PACK!

Blog written by Taylor McCoy

The Dance

I am a huge Wolfpack fan. I’m talking front row of football games, decked out in all red for basketball games, and singing the fight song until I am hoarse. From the N.C. State flag flying outside of my house, to the extensive portion of my wardrobe that is red, everyone knows I love North Carolina State University. This is not just a fair weather fan sort of deal; I really do love all things NCSU.

That being said, I am also a realist about the abilities of our athletics. We are not the top seed in football or basketball, we don’t win every game, and there is a guarantee as an NCSU fan that you will experience heartbreak at least once while at this FANTASTIC University (Yes, a potentially bias statement, but what can I say? I bleed Red!).  In addition to the inevitable heartbreak every State fan experiences, the chances of your heart giving out while watching a game is significantly increased if you are watching North Carolina State University play. I am pretty sure they have a section in the hospital for N.C. State fans due to the insane likelihood of heart failure from the last few seconds of every game we play. They don’t call NCSU the Cardiac Pack for nothing!

Still, the risk is worth it. Come on, who doesn’t love the crazy emotions that come from the NCSU athletics? Especially if you are experiencing these games with thousands of your closest friends in the PNC Arena.

This year’s basketball season did not go as well as I would have liked, but let’s all be real here, it was still a ton of fun. I mean, we just beat Syracuse in the ACC Tournament. Another case of the Cardiac Pack, but well worth it for an incredible game! Yes, not every game was that good, but you get the picture: NCSU is in my blood; I love them, win or lose!

I braced myself for the worst thinking that we probably would not make it into the NCAA Tournament, but much to my delight, WE GOT IN!!! You heard that right, N.C. State is going to the Dance! So, I expect everyone to have their T.V.’s turned on at 9 PM on Tuesday, March 18th to see (hopefully) North Carolina State University beat Xavier.


And a fun link to get you in the mood for some basketball, here is the team when they heard they are in the tournament.

Blog written by Haley McClure