Welcome Back FYC Ambassadors!

Group PicFYC is beginning the new academic year with new faces in the FYC Ambassador Program. We are so pleased to welcome Nick Galban, Peyton Holmquist, and Samantha Ivey to the team. These students are a few of many that applied to serve as FYC Ambassadors this spring.

First Year College Ambassador Program aims to involve current and former First Year College students to represent the First Year College (FYC) at official events such as University Open House, FYC College Visits, FYC programs, and Pack Previews. These students work with prospective and future students to help them understand what their transition to the university may be like as a member of the FYC community by providing their positive perspective on FYC and NC State. They also give tours of the FYC Living and Learning Community, the FYC Village. The FYC Ambassador Program seeks to help student ambassadors develop in learning new skills, gaining relevant practice experience, and contribute to the community.  For many ambassadors this experience will last a year or two.

FYC Ambassadors are viewed as peer educators who are valuable for FYC and the institution because they are experienced with the campus, can relate to the situations of fellow and prospective students, and they are effective.  First Year College is extremely grateful to partner with students to serve as ambassadors for the college.

We are looking forward to a great year with the First Year College Ambassador Program.

Blog written by Melissa Simpson, FYC Ambassador Advisor

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! It’s that time of year again, and I’m sure that although you must be extremely excited for the new year, you’re probably also dreading the work to come… But don’t stress! Remember that both NCSU and the professors here offer extra help to aid in your learning. Such things include office hours, SI sessions, and the University Tutorial Center (previously the Undergraduate Tutorial Center). It might be a good idea to utilize these resources in the beginning of the semester in order to get you out of the summer funk and prevent you from getting behind early on in your classes. Your class syllabus should include what days your professor holds their office hours and some classes also include Supplemetal Instruction (SI) classes as well. The university tutorial center is available for either appointment or walk-ins for one on one help with writing related classes, as well as some other courses too. You can find more information on the University Tutorial center at tutorial.ncsu.edu. Remember, it’s always good to establish relationships with your professors in the beginning so that if you ever need the professor’s help with the course material, you will stand out to them. All in all, study hard, don’t get behind early, utilize the resources available, and have a great academic year. GO PACK!

Blog written by Mick Sugar

Thinking of Moving Out?

Based on the increase in traffic around NC State’s campus, it is evident that the new school year is now upon us. In just over a week from now, students will be headed off to their first day of classes. While the new semester means new coursework and responsibilities for everyone, many students will also be moving into new on- or off-campus living spaces in the coming days.

This year, I will be enjoying my new off-campus living space a few blocks north of Hillsborough St. If you are a first or second year student and are thinking of living in an on-campus apartment next year, University Housing has many great resources to find the perfect home away from home for you. The newest set of apartments is Wolf Ridge, built on Centennial Campus, which includes many brand new amenities. Wolf Village, on the other hand, is closer to the main campus. Wolf Village offers the convenience of on-campus living, but is a quieter location when compared to dorm life. The last on-campus apartment complex University Housing offers is E.S. King Village, which is located on the corner of Western Blvd. and Gorman St. This complex is unique in that it offers on-site Resident Advisors.

My advice for those looking to live in an apartment next year is to get started with your search early. Living spaces close to campus tend to fill up fast, especially those that offer the conveniences of being on-campus. Fill out an application as soon as you can, and be sure to communicate in a timely manner with the property managers. Best of luck this year, and Go Pack!

P.S. Wolfpack football season starts August 30th! Be on the lookout for the ticket request period!

Blog written by Will Appleyard

Wolfpack Welcome Week is on the horizon!

Seems crazy that summer is almost coming to a close! It sure feels like it’s gone by way too fast. Summer can either be a time to relax and enjoy the sun, or a time to work hard and not waste a minute!

As an Orientation Leader for NC State, I had the chance to live on campus this summer and work with all the incoming freshmen students. It’s been an exciting adventure meeting all the new members of the Wolfpack! Orientation was a chance for students to meet new friends, learn about their academic careers at NC State, and ignite a powerful feeling of being a part of the Wolfpack.

One of the topics we cover at Orientation is the importance of taking advantage of Wolfpack Welcome Week in August. There are tons of events for new students to enjoy and lots of free food! This week in August gives new (and returning) students an opportunity to get comfortable with the campus and get excited about the year to come. This year Wolfpack Welcome Week is packed with a ton of events, all that can be found on a calendar at http://newstudents.ncsu.edu/welcomeweek.

Be sure to check out all the awesome things that are happening on our campus! Can’t wait to see everyone back in August!

Blog written by Peyton Holmquist

Peyton H


New Place. New School. New Friends?

Who’s ready to head back to school in a few weeks?! Well, whether you’re ready or not, it’s coming up very shortly. Hopefully you’ve all had a wonderful summer and you’re going to jump into this semester with a fresh, rejuvenated, post-high school mindset.

I remember my first semester here at State like it was yesterday. I was nervous, lost, and had “freshman” written all over me! I wasn’t quite sure of what I was getting into. Coming here, I didn’t have anyone from my high school and thought I’d have a tough time making friends. If you’re in the same boat, or just a little nervous about making friends, let me be the first to tell you that it will not be as hard as you think.

One thing about State that stood out to me from the beginning was the friendly atmosphere on campus. People here are so nice and make the transition so easy and comforting! You will have plenty of opportunities to mingle with the other students and could wind up making some of the best friends you’ve ever had in just a few short weeks. I know I did! Look at it this way, there are THOUSANDS of students that go here, you’re bound to connect to someone who shares your same interests.

So, I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and get super excited because you have four years of happy friendship making ahead of you!!!

Blog written by Taylor McCoy