Thoughts on Election 2012

This is an important week!  Tomorrow, we elect the President of the United States.

This is an important week for our nation, for our university and for many of you who will be exercising your right to vote in elections for the first time.

I hope you have taken the time to register and made use of early-voting opportunities here on campus to cast your ballot for federal, state and local officials. If you have not yet had the chance, I encourage you to vote tomorrow.

If we want a voice in the system, we must vote.

I clearly remember the 1976 election – the first election in which I was eligible to vote. It was an engaging moment to participate in the selection of a president, members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, as well as state and local officials. It was my first foray into the political system of this great country, and I have not missed an election since.

In addition to ensuring your voice is heard, I also want to ask you to consider the time after the polls close. We will all watch the returns closely, as the presidential election in particular is likely to be a tight race. We will celebrate, or not, depending on the outcome and our personal preferences. It is my hope that as we in the Wolfpack community celebrate, or not,  we all choose to do so in a manner befitting the process and our university.

I encourage you to watch the returns and to be participants in the exciting social experience surrounding the reports of vote counts and electoral-college calculations, and also, in true Wolfpack tradition, to be respectful of one another as the votes are counted and the winners are announced.

Tomorrow is important, so let’s participate in a way that makes us all Wolfpack Proud!

Go Pack.

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