The Leadership Way


Cody Rice, 2014 Orientation Leader

Major: Undecided, First Year College

Hometown: Burlington, NC


John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” This is an approach that all New Student Orientation Leaders take on a daily basis, as well as all NC State students. Student leadership is said to be specific to each person, as they can exemplify each of the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership in different ways. We here at NC State are all one Wolfpack, but are not all followers of the pack– some of us are the leaders of this pack. The Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service here on NC State’s campus is an amazing resource to begin your journey as a student leader on campus. CSLEPS offers many different experiences on our wonderful campus, and even some abroad! Alternative Service Break (ASB) trips are offered for both spring break and fall break and can take you anywhere from San Francisco to Italy! ASB trips are by far one of the most sought after trips for leaders here at NC State because you get to compare your leadership styles with that of different cultures around the world! Student leadership is available to everyone, even if you don’t believe you are a good leader but have the passion to learn, do not be afraid to tackle it head on!

Some of the opportunities for student leadership here at NC State include events like LeaderShape that has been around since 1986. LeaderShape is an intense six-day program that emphasizes how each leader works in a group with other leaders. LeaderShape runs its program on the firm background of teaching the participants to take their leadership to the next level in their volunteer work and jobs. LeaderShape is available for and returning NC State student. More information can be found here.


 Leader of the Pack is a competition in which one student will be chosen for a leadership award from a series of categories based upon the GPA, student involvement, and leadership experience. Leader of the Pack is a prestigious award that is awarded at the Homecoming NC State football game, the participants will also participate in the NC State Homecoming Parade. The award will go out to an individual who has shown their dedication to the Pack and is chosen directly by the Pack. The finalist will receive a $2,000 scholarship and a $250 gift certificate from the NC State Bookstores. The Leader of the Pack is a very well known award that is highly recognized and should be sought after by every student leader. It may seem a long way away to include information about the Leader of the Pack award but I want you to know about it now so you are able to get a head start on it.

Leadership In Action is a program that begins your first year of college. This program is highly competitive and also highly advised for any first year student to apply. The program will expose you to various classes, workshops, programs, and philanthropic activities. At the end of the program you are required to complete a capstone project, in which you will receive your Visionary Leaders Certificate. All applications are due October 9th for Leadership In Action!

The Leadership Development Series is a great way for students to get engaged on campus and learn more about their leadership skills. The LDS program runs six different workshops including Working with Diverse Populations, Ethics and Actions, Servant Leadership, and many more. LDS workshops are highly prized here on NC States campus and I highly recommend that you attend!

Student leadership is very abundant at North Carolina State University. We offer many different leadership programs such as the President William Jefferson Clinton Hunger Leadership Award that is rewarded to a student nationally each year. NC State has fortunately been able to receive the award first in 2009, and AGAIN in 2012. Just to name some of the other awards here at NC State we offer to you the Role Model Leader Award, Dr. Thomas H. Stafford Jr. Student Leadership Scholarship Endowment, and lastly the Service Leadership Team. All of these programs and awards are available to any NC State student; take the time to look into some of them, as they are very prestigious. The CSLEPS office is housed in Harrelson Hall Room 304, they are open everyday weekday from 8am to 5pm. Student leadership is not just for only one person, anyone can be a student leader. Challenge yourself today and step into the shoes of a leader and show the pack what you’re made of.

Go Pack!

-Cody Rice NC State Orientation Leader 2014


Help is Always Appreciated!


Will Mercer, 2014 Orientation Leader

Major: Undecided, First Year College

Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC


Hi there! My name is Will Mercer and I’m a rising sophomore in First Year College and I’m from Rocky Mount, NC!

After volunteering my time to someone or an organization that could use the help, I have such a euphoric feeling knowing that I made an impact in a complete stranger’s life. I have volunteered my time in multiple Habitat for Humanity Restores and every experience I have with them has been wonderful. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Habitat Humanity and the Restores, basically it’s a nonprofit organization that builds houses for certain qualified families who can’t pay for the house like banks would like and the company has an adjusted payment system. The Restores that are unique to this company accept recycled items from houses that they have either demolished or items that people have donated. These items are either used in the houses that are built or are sold in their stores where the money received is used to help with the costs of the house construction. All of the customers we assisted are more than grateful for your help and the items they are buying. This isn’t the only volunteering opportunity I’ve taken advantage of.

There are always multiple service opportunities for students and the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service (CSLEPS) always keeps an updated list of them on their website. We currently have one large annual service event held on campus, which is our Service NC State Blood Drive held in Carmichael at the beginning of the fall semester. The 5th Annual Service NC State Blood Drive will be on Friday, August 22, 2014 so make sure you’re there! Even if you don’t want to give blood or can’t you, could also volunteer – either as a group or individually. We also host an event through Stop Hunger Now which involves packaging meals to help provide life-saving aid to those around the world.


This past fall we held an event on November 9th, 2013 and NC State was able to package over 110,000 meals! This means that through this event, over $27,000 was raised and over 650 volunteers were hosted! Currently we are scheduled to host another event next fall, but the exact date is still unknown but check back on the CSLEPS website frequently for updates! ( , 03/17)

Another one of our great outreach programs that students can get involved with is Campus Pals. It was created in the fall of 2003 and it aims to connect children within the area who need adult mentors. While the volunteers are asked to dedicate an hour and a half each Wednesday for seven months, it is an amazing experience for both you and the children! One of my close friends became involved with this program this past year and she has absolutely loved it! It’s always something that she looks forward to each week because she gets to spend time with children and help them out with school work and just being able to interact with them in general.


One of NC State’s most known service opportunity is our Alternative Service Break trip. What this means, is that instead of going to Myrtle Beach or laying around the house for Spring Break, you will be volunteering in particular communities working towards a central common goal. While most of these trips occur during the spring, there are also opportunities that happen during the fall, winter, and summer. “Throughout the trip, team members participate in a variety of cultural, educational, recreational and reflective activities to enhance their service experience” ( , 03/17, ASB information). While I have not participated in this event, only because I missed out on the application process, I do plan on applying next fall. Many of my friends have been a part of ASB in the past whether it was in previous years or this past spring break and they all come back with positive and uplifting comments as to why they absolutely loved it. Not only were they given the opportunity to help out in the area with certain needs, but they were also able to learn about that areas culture and grow as a person even further. Here at NC State we take pride and value in our Alternative Service Break program and the experiences that come along with them. This is definitely not a program to pass up on while being a full-time student.

I think we here at NC State really embody this quote from Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” So find a way to give and make yourself at home in the Pack!