So What Are The Rules Here…?

MeKayla McLean, 2014 Orientation Leader
Major: Human Biology, College of Sciences
Hometown: Fort Washington, MD


Hello! My name is MeKayla McLean and I am majoring in Human Biology. I am originally from Fort Washington, MD. I just want to take the time to personally welcome you all to North Carolina State University and offer you some helpful information about one of the great resources available here on campus.

First off, congratulations! You’re almost there! The academic year is just upon us and  you are officially an NC State student, one of the newest members of the beloved Wolfpack! People often say that the four years of college are the best years of your life. That being said, I know that everybody wants to have a great time, full of funny stories, new lifelong friends, and plenty of good times. By attending North Carolina State University (the best school in the nation!) you are already off to a great start! But to make sure the good times continue, there are a few regulations in place to make sure everyone stays safe and enjoys his or her time here at NC State. The Office of Student Conduct is one of many great resources on campus that works to keep a safe and credible environment at NC State University.

The Office of Student Conduct works to make sure everything is running smoothly by educating students about the university regulations so that we all make informed decisions to maintain NC State’s reputation as one of the top schools in the country (Office of Student Conduct)!


With a staff made up of professionals and a board of 30 undergraduate/graduate students, the Office of Student Conduct puts on several programs throughout the year to inform students of the rules of conduct (found in the Code of Student Conduct) that NC State expects (Conduct Board; Programs and Services). From the Office of Student Conduct one can learn about alcohol and drug policies, academic expectations, computer use policies, smoking guidelines, housing expectations, and any other policies concerning the well-being of students (Policies and Procedures).

resourceAs a student at this great university, I appreciate the resource that is the Office of Student Conduct. Whenever I have a question about what is acceptable or unacceptable the easily accessible Office of Student Conduct website has all of the expectations clearly laid out for me to understand.  (‪

Additionally, the Office of Student Conduct works closely in collaboration with other offices, such as the University Behavioral Assessment Team, the University Police, and the Counseling Center to refer students to the right resource if additional information is needed. This collaboration helps give many students the opportunity to develop a strategy and essentially “start over” after an academic or personal mistake (Paul Cousins).

While it’s not a great situation to be involved in a case with the Office of Student Conduct, it is important to remember that they are here to make sure we have the greatest four years of our lives while maintaining a safe environment. Paul Cousins, Director of the Department of Student and Community Standards, wants all of you to know that you are now “a young scholar in a community of scholars”. This means there are certain standards for all of your actions that are expected in an environment of ambitious intellectuals in order to succeed. NC State loves and appreciates every single one of its students and wants every student to respect the university in return.  (‪

packAs Vaclav Havel (President of the Czech Republic) said, “Without commonly shared and widely entrenched moral values and obligations, neither the law nor democratic government will function properly” ( We depend on one another to maintain a strong family atmosphere among the Wolfpack and the Office of Student Conduct does its best to make sure that happens. As always, remember, the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. Go Wolfpack!


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The information from Paul Cousins came from my personal interview with him.

A Peace of Mind

Emerald Muniz, 2014 Orientation Leader
Major: Chemistry, College of Sciences
Hometown: Port Saint Joe, FL


The world is a big place, and sometimes you have big questions and don’t know where to turn. What if you have questions or concerns about the lease you are about to sign… or you got into a car accident and don’t know who to call…? Have no fear! The Student Legal Services (SLS) is located right on campus and can help you with these predicaments. Did I mention it was free as long as you have paid student fees? FREE! You don’t have to pay a single dime to the SLS simply because you are an NC State student. Insane right?!

They can help you with all different kinds of legal matters; employment, traffic, criminal, domestic, scams, even credit, and the list goes on and on. Do you need something notarized? They can take care of that! Even if they can’t help you directly, they will never tell you no right off the bat. They will get you to come in to the office so they can aim you in the right direction of people that can. I know that next year I plan on living off campus and I’m going to have to sign a lease. I don’t want to sign my John Hancock on something that I disagree with.  I will for sure be making a visit to Harrelson Hall office 334 before I sign.

When I spoke with one of the attorneys in the office, they explained to me that they just want to give parents and students, “peace of mind.” They know that legal services, in general, are daunting and intimidating. They want students to be able to focus on their studies and they will take care of that scary legal stuff. They made me feel extremely comfortable about coming in and talking to them about any legal matters that could arise.

The attorneys and Student Legal Staff are obligated to keep every case confidential. So don’t worry about the cat getting out of the bag! No matter the situation, they will keep it between you and them.

As a student here at State, you pay for these services. Don’t forget to utilize them! They will definitely come in handy one day.

Information credited to the SLS university website and Pam Gerace, SLS Staff member.