Next Season

There’s no more football??! Sadly, there isn’t. Super Bowl 50 has come and gone. If you were rooting for the hometown faithful Carolina Panthers, like myself, today’s headache keeps pounding. But what makes sports great is there is always next year, the next season! The off-season begins now and teams will begin to put in their hard work to give themselves a better chance in succeeding next year. As a college student, your hard work or your “offseason” on building your professional career should be beginning now as well. You only have a couple years to develop experiences that will stand out to employers, so what are your options?

 Studying Abroad! Consider taking summer classes…in Europe! Whether you are a person who loves to travel or not, studying abroad offers amazing experience that can enhance your academic and professional career. While studying abroad you can take classes that will fill your degree audit, learn a different language and world view develop intangible skills, and all for a fairly affordable price.

Give back to your university or home town! There are plenty of organizations to choose from to get involved. Personally, I found Habitat for Humanity to be the most rewarding. With Habitat for Humanity, I was fortunate to help construct, clean, and present a new home to a family in need. Once you start giving back and seeing raw emotion from the ones you are helping, you will realize how much growth volunteering gives you.

Need money in your bank account? Well the obvious solution for this problem is to get a summer job, but something that may be better than a job is an internship in your desired field. An internship allows you to get real perspective of a profession’s work tasks, environment, skills, day-to-day activities and build your resume as well as help you reach a level of decidedness about a career path.

Have you completed a rough draft of your resume? If not, you should begin immediately! If you are having a tough time starting your resume you should consider contacting the Career Development Center (CDC). The CDC will review and revise resumes, conduct mock interviews, and provide information on internships and co-ops. Preparation is your major key to success when it comes to summer success; don’t be left with nothing to do this summer!

Study Abroad
Career Development Center
Habitat for Humanity

Blog written by Nick Galban