NCSU Dance Marathon

On February 27th NCSU hosted their 4th annual Dance Marathon fundraiser in Talley Ballroom! Dance Marathon is new tradition where participants dance for 16 hours straight to raise awareness and funding for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, which happens to be Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, NC. I had the opportunity to participate this year with over 30 members of my sorority and it was amazing to have so much fun working towards such a great cause! This event is a relatively new tradition that is held annually in the Spring semester and I would encourage everyone to participate! This year there were awesome performances by Sube Ritmo, Nazaare, The Lion Dance Club, NC State’s Acappology, and more. There are also really cool themed hours like beach hour, super hero hour, pajamas hour, and even a rave hour! Not only was the event a ton of fun, but it was also incredibly rewarding to a part of something that has a significant impact. Last year Dance Marathon raised over $67,000. This year over $80,000 was raised.
Blog written by Samantha Ivey