New Year, New Health Resolutions

Every New Year Americans across the country set lofty new fitness standards with the goals of living a healthier, more-active lifestyle. These people hit the gym hard in the early months only to burn out and give up. They don’t plan appropriately and when things get tough or difficult, they give up. Personally, I know that I have failed to meet my New Year’s Resolutions many times.

The key to staying strong and reaching your fitness goals is planning. The first step you need to do is make fitness a priority. Many claim they don’t have time to go to the gym or workout, but the truth is; if you care about it you will make time for it. Everyone is busy, but that doesn’t mean everyone is unhealthy. Take a hard look at your schedule and make some quality time to achieve your fitness goals.

It is important to have some structure in your workout. University Recreation is the perfect one-stop-shop for all forms of structure. University Recreation has multiple programs to keep anyone on track.



This program aims to help students and members reach their fitness goals through the help of an accountability partner and goal planning. Commit can be used to achieve any type of fitness goal. While the program will not guide users through activities each day, it will serve as a means of keeping users motivated and on track. For only $60 for students and $75 for members, a MoveCoach will guide you through an eight-week program that is designed to help people reach their goals. More information can be found here.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training lets participants explore a different component of fitness by combining Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training. This format allows users to gain the benefits of working in a group and receiving one-on-one attention. All sessions are led by Nationally Certified Personal Trainers and/or Group Fitness Instructors that are trained to help you see results. Small Group Training focuses on progression, skill development, motivation and enhanced fitness at every level.

Perhaps you are ready to register for a program or have a structured class. University Recreation also has alternative programs that are designed to help you.

Comprehensive Fitness Appraisals

University Recreation offers comprehensive fitness appraisals that provide students with a baseline measurement on their health. Understanding where your body is at versus where it needs to be from a health perspective can motivate anyone. The appraisal includes measurements on heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, static and dynamic posture, power, and flexibility. You can find more information about this program here.

If you are further along in the process and have it all figured out, University Recreation always has open spots in the weight rooms and cardio rooms. Intramural basketball is also starting up very soon – which is a great way to get in shape.

There are numerous resources available on the Internet for free to get you started. Jump in today and thank yourself tomorrow.


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