Why Group Fitness?



Between class and other campus activities, prioritizing the time for a regular workout  can be difficult. Group fitness classes are a great way to combat this issue of finding time and motivation to exercise. These free classes consist of a group of participants who follow a trained instructor through a combination of exercises. Here at the Carmichael Complex we have a diverse selection of group fitness classes in categories such as: cardio, strength and mind/body. Between Cardio Dance, Ab Solutions, Yoga or something else, there are fitness classes for everyone. With a fun, motivating, instructional atmosphere these classes draw members in, promoting an alternative way to pursue a healthy active lifestyle.



Some members grumble about how their workouts have become boring, or too routine. With group fitness classes, working out can be fun. These engaging classes, led with high energy and positive attitudes are a hit for those who consider working out to be a bore. The atmosphere of group fitness classes are purposely intended to spark a fun, effective workout. For example, in most classes music is played. According to an article in the New York Times, entitled Phys Ed: Does Music Make You Exercise Harder?  a study done by Nina Kraus, states that, “music is effective and desirable during exercise.” In essence, this study demostrated how most people excersice harder and enjoy their workouts more when music is played. Therefore, participants who attend group fitness classes are probably working harder than if they were working out alone.

Another way group fitness classes stimulate a fun atmosphere is through the contagious, positive attitudes of the instructors. Upon walking into a group fitness class you are met by smiling instructors whose goals are to keep you happy and engaged. Instructors do this by showering participants in encouragement and compliments throughout the workout. Ultimately, the instructor’s energetic attitudes encourage participants to share the same attitude on working out: smile and have fun.

One of the most obvious ways group fitness classes create a fun atmosphere is by allowing participants to surrounding themselves with friends and fellow co-workers/students. Not only is it fun to be around friends but it can serve as a good distraction from the actual workout itself. After all, “time flies when you’re having fun,” right? Thanks to group fitness classes participants are able to enjoy their workouts and therefore it becomes much easier to stick with it.




Working out with others is motivating. According to Active, “people are less likely to ditch a group fitness class if they know that their friends or fitness instructor will give them a ‘hard time’ for not showing up.” So, if you have someone holding you accountable for your workouts, you will be more likely to attend and benefit from the class. Group motivation is also key. Members are able to motivate one another by relating and supporting eachother during difficult workouts. To hear that you’re not the only one struggling with a certain yoga pose or rep can be comforting. Then working with those same people to accomplish the challenges posed by the class can be rewarding.


Having a trained instructor lead a group fitness class can help insure safety. As stated by the American College of Sports Medicine, “An exercise class… can be beneficial for people with limited knowledge about safe and effective exercise…” Therefore, because instructors are trained to ensure proper form, participants become educated on safety and effectiveness of workouts. This is especially helpful for members who are trying a class for the first time. For example, if a member were to attend a yoga class with no previous experience, an instructor would be there to introduce the correct form, preventing injury. Then, once participants learn new form and technique they can add it to their own workouts.

Another advantage to having an instructor guide your workout is simply that the workout becomes almost mindless. Meaning that, instead of having to take the time to plan out your next rep or decide which machine to use, all you have to do is follow the instructor’s directions. Not only does this save time but it’s helpful for those who aren’t quite sure how to begin to construct a workout routine. This is also beneficial for those who are looking to spice up their current workout routine.


Group fitness classes challenge members to push their minds and bodies to the next level. This mental drive and initiative is the result of positive peer pressure. While working out, members are able to look around the studio and watch and learn from others performing the same rep, dance, or pose. This both encourages and inspires participants to work harder toward their fitness goals. This ambition to obtain fitness goals may have not been initiated during an individual workout. Peer pressure isn’t always a negative thing, especially when it comes to group fitness classes.




While group fitness classes are a great way to stay active, they are also a great way to meet new people. Taught on a regular schedule, group fitness classes allow members to run into the same faces on a regular basis. These familiar faces become inviting, encouraging a comfortable, accepting environment. The neat thing is friends met in group fitness classes are friends who share the same goals of pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle.

Needless to say, group fitness classes have numerous ways of benefitting everyone. Check out our group fitness schedule and try one out!


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