Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental Center

Have you ever thought about taking a long weekend to go camping with some friends, but don’t have a tent? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to snowboard but didn’t know where to start? The Outdoor Adventures desk answers to all of these needs.

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Often, students forget that you can rent all different types of equipment through the outdoor adventure desk. The Outdoor Adventure Equipment Rental center rents out equipment such as boats, cookware, coolers, dry bags, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping accessories, bicycles and even tailgating gear. A full list of rentable items can be found here. To rent something, all you need to do is show up to the Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental center desk and bring your Wolfpack One Card. Reservations can be made up to fourteen days in advance and equipment can generally be rented for up to 2 weeks. However, if you need a longer duration of time, we will try to work with you. The most commonly rented items include: boats, tents, sleeping bags, bikes and Enos. So, next time you are thinking about taking a trip with some friends and are in need of some equipment that doesn’t seem to be lying around the dorm, come check something out at the Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental Center.



Outdoor Adventures also provides students with the opportunity to go on trips. Trips include activities such as sea kayaking, snowboarding, hiking and biking. Not only are these trips a ton of fun, but they also present benefits that equip students to excel on campus.

These trips allow students to get a break from technology and the hustle and bustle of school life and out into nature. This exposure to the outdoors relaxes and in turn refuels students who may be drained from endless study hours and other on campus commitments. According to Association of College Unions International, students who return from an outdoor adventure trip return with lower stress levels and reduced anxiety. So, if you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed by school consider taking time to “refuel” on one of our outdoor adventure trips.

Taking steps out of your comfort zone can boost your confidence. Sounds ironic, doesn’t it? Going on a trip through University Recreation allows you to try something new, something you never thought you would enjoy or even be good at. Then to your surprise, you realize that you were good at snowboarding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding etc. Many students claim that there is a feeling of accomplishment and self confidence associated with learning new skills on these trips. Self confidence is important to have as a student because believing in yourself is the first step in convincing others, such as employers and teachers to believe in you as well. Instructors at Confidence Building Courses report that people with healthy self-confidence are generally happier and more satisfied with their lives than people who lack self-confidence. So join us on a trip and boost your self confidence while learning some new skills in the process.  

Find a new hobby. Personally, I never would have never considered Rockwall climbing as a hobby or something I would like. Yet, after attending a rock wall climbing trip through University Recreation I realized how much fun rock wall climbing is and I now go to the indoor rock wall with my friends weekly. Who would have known? And that’s just it: you won’t know unless you try. Explore your interests, college is a time to learn about yourself. You might find a hobby that you end up pursing for the rest of your life.

Come visit us today at the Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental Center to sign up for trips and rent equipment. We are located on the first floor of the Carmichael Recreation Center and hours can be found here.


Go Wolfpack,

Kaley Moffitt