February Club Sport of the Month: Lacrosse

Hard work is a tool. A tool utilized by NC State’s student body to continuously think and do. Within that paradigm, there are a select few at this university who set an example of the value of hard work through sport.

A sport that is entrenched in American history, lacrosse, has provided our men’s club lacrosse with an avenue to exercise their potential as student-athletes. Maintaining good grades while performing on the field every weekend can be tough, but these men show that all is possible with hard work.

In the month of February, our men’s lacrosse team will embark on a new season as a squad of 45 men, prepare for battle. In an effort to see their progression into the 2016 season, we interviewed club president, John to learn about the teams’ resilience and excitement.

UREC: Can you recall a memorable moment you guys had last year?

John: Last year we shoveled an entire field before a game. It was the first game of the season and we already had three games cancelled. We wanted to play our first game so we were out for eight hours shoveling the field. The next day, we came out and won the game.

UREC: How’s preseason coming along?

John: This year we’ve got 45 kids lined up to play on the team so preseason has been different. When I started we only had about 25 kids so this year we have more reps, more time and participation, so all is well.


UREC: What are you guys looking forward to the most this season?

John: We are looking forward to playoffs, we’ve got a place in our division, but won’t be easy. This year, we are looking to win a playoff game. Last two years we’ve made the playoffs for the first time in team history so this year if we win a game it’d be the biggest thing yet.

UREC: How was Club Lacrosse at NC State established?

John: Team started 15 years ago once the school lost its varsity program. After a few years, club lacrosse became word of mouth. We’ve got a website so guys who come out of high school we don’t really recruit them, they just come to us.

UREC: With school and athletics, how do you guys balance?

John: This team only has six hours a week to practice so it isn’t a terrible time commitment. Once we start traveling, we definitely ramp up the commitment, but as a far as running the team, we have over 10 officers doing the leg work. That makes things run smoothly, letting guys come out to relax from school and get the stress off.

UREC: One thing your squad would like the students of NC State to know?

John: This year, we’d really like to have more support. A lot of the fans come from local teams that we played for and family but we’d like to have a bigger support from the school. We’re out at Method Road so its not directly on campus but the games are fun to watch and we’ve got really good competition so we’re excited.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.35.07 PM

The team plays their first set of games this weekend in Athens, Georgia. Using the inspiration of making the playoffs two straight years, the team expects to add to that schuss with big time wins.

With the support of the Wolfpack nation, getting the boys over the hill will be an easier task. Make sure to keep up with their schedule and more at their website!